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Men's "Twin" - Set of 2 - 1 Tungsten Wedding Ring and 1 Silicone Wedding Ring For Men

SOL TWIN the perfect combination between your active life and everyday life.


Safe choice -  The Tungsten carbide wedding bands are much safer than bands made from other metals. Tungsten bands do not bend, so in a critical moment the band will break in many pieces without harming a finger. The Silicone wedding bands are flexible and stretchy, prevent finger injuries and degloving with this ring; both rings are hypoallergenic and medical grade. The tungsten is Cobalt free and nickle lead-free


The Tungsten Ring is dent & scratch resistant. It  is 10 times as hard as 18Kt gold, 5 times as hard as steel, and 4 times as hard as titanium


Dimensions - Tungsten width is 8.38mm (0.33 inch), thickness is 2mm (0.08 inch); Silicone ring is 8.7mm(0.34 inch), thickness is 2mm (0.08 inch);

Few tips for tungsten maintenance:


  1. Cleaning - simply mix warm water with a few drops of mild soap. It is best to avoid using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when cleaning tungsten rings.
  2. Keep your tungsten ring away from harsh chemicals.
  3. Avoid your ring impacting on any hard substances. It is best to store your tungsten ring separately. When taking off tungsten ring, you can place it inside the free ring box and then put the box in a safe space.


Please measure your finger size before purchase, for tungsten carbide ring can not be resized.

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