SOL Is Now Soleed

Our new rings are here !!!

As we promised the new rings have arrived. Let me organize this for you:

1. We have the new men's Power X series. The design is unique and you won't find any similar silicone ring in this market. We also kept the price relatively low as an introduction price so be quick to buy this amazing band. This ring is more flexible and strong than other silicone rings. It also has two colors design which make it stylish and stand out from all other silicone rings (that actually looks the same all over the place...). We also thought of firefighters and low enforcement officers and created red and blue designs.

2. We added few colors to our unique women's collection. If you have any more colors you would like to have email us and if demand will justify it we will deliver!

3. The last news is our new SOL Twins. We paired one of our Power X bands with similar Tungsten band so that you can enjoy now from both world. You can use the silicone ring for your physical work, sport activity, hiking, travel or any other activity that can cause you losing your tungsten ring and then you can use the Tungsten ring in your everyday life.

We hope that you will enjoy our new bands and we'll keep you posted about our next unique designs.

And yes! We make rings different! :-) 

Osnat Lachyani Abiri
Osnat Lachyani Abiri


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